Featured Artist: Liz Burke

Though well-versed in performance, movement and poetry, Liz identifies herself as mainly a visual artist. I had the chance to sit down with her and hear about her artwork.

When was the first time you thought of yourself as an artist?

In 2005 my mom gave me a sketchbook and I just started drawing, since then I have been an artist.  I drew people’s faces.  I keep all my sketchbooks.

What inspires you?

Ever since I saw my mom’s drawings a few years ago, I wanted to make drawings like hers.  I would always try to describe their mouth and eyes.  I thought that was the most important part of the face, so that was the main thing I was focusing on.  I am painting now.  I copy graffiti from books and I didn’t know how to before, but now I can paint the actual picture.  I figured that out a few weeks ago.  Graffiti artists use a different way to describe words.  They do it in a beautiful way, they do it in a picture.

How do you see art playing a role in your future?

I think that I could be better than what I do now.  I could start drawing like my mom did.  She started out like me and I think that is something I could become.

This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard by many.  What do you want to share with the world?

I think that if you have a goal that you want to meet, try to catch up and if you think there is something better than that, go for that too.

Below are images of Liz’s artwork.  She invites you to post images of graffiti from your neighborhood or outings.  Once there are postings, she will pick one, paint the image and post her finished interpretation.


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