The Great Traveling Showcase Stop 1: Grace United Methodist Church

On May 24th, Ag47 had the pleasure of showcasing our artwork for the public at Dispatch Art Center in Bucktown.  But the buck does not stop there.  (Heehee.)   This summer we are on the road, taking our paintings, drawings, photos, and poetry to an array of locales that have been generous enough to donate their walls to our work.

Stop 1: Grace United Methodist Church on the corner of Kimball and Wrightwood.  After a few hours of battling with velcro wall hangers and sticky tack, we transformed an entire wall of Grace UMC’s community room with art and photos from our workshops.  Members of the congregation can stop by after service to enjoy our work, which is inspired by the very neighborhood in which they live.  Please see pictures of our arduous installation below (thanks to Zoe, Virginia, Katie, and Cara for hanging in there.  Ha!  Ha!)

Next stop: TBA.  Two things we can disclose, however: the location will be in Logan Square.  And it will involve delicious food!  Stay tuned!


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